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“How we came to existence?

We were new to Induri village and Tolani campus. Construction of faculty housing was going on besides my house. Every morning and evening I use to see a group of about 20-25 children with muddy clothes going and coming behind their parents who were construction labourers. I was puzzled about the children’s education,they were looking at me and I was also looking at them daily but not talking. I started thinking about their life without education.The biggest question in my mind was about their future. Finally I decided to ask the children and their parents why they are not sending them to school? I told them that I will take them to school and get the admission done, as there were zilha parishad school near by. They said that the problem was language,they are from Madhya Pradesh.Then I asked them If I teach them, will they send them to my house? They said yes. They started coming regularly, slowly every thing became like systematic school they use to start from prayer to studying,singing,dancing and playing. Slowly importance of cleanliness and hygiene was taught to them,Good habits were inculcated in them. Some bigger children were given responsibility to take care of their siblings but they were interested in studies.They also started asking to come and join with their small siblings,we allowed them also.This story forced me to search more such children of who suffer with their migrating parents.

Slowly health related activities were started for children and parents, nutrition related activities started, kitchen, garden development and distribution of vegetables seeds was also started which helped a lot for getting nutritious food and save money as they were getting free vegetable. Counselling of parents also started on various issues. Automatically some people of similar interest started joining us as volunteers for teaching and others voluntarily started donating some used clothes, sweaters,shoes, bedcovers,educational items etc. This support from people developed confidence in us. Finally we decided to register our organisation.

We increased our vicinity from Campus to Anganwadis of nearby Villages. The purpose of adopting Anganwadis was only to come in contact with grassroot poor people who couldn’t send their kids to private schools and who are full-time coming across various problems and struggling to solve them in every walk of life. We also started some Self Help Groups.”

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Dr. Shefali Dave

Chairman, Bharati Sanskar Kendra

Qualification: M.Sc, MPhil and PhD in Home Science Extension Education

Contact: 9823114363

Major Activities

  • Conducted 2 breast cancer checkup camps in which memography was done for 202 ladiesof Induri, Kanhewadi and Sagurdi village
  • Two day psycology workshop was conducted for 30 Anganwadi workers in which they were taught to identify childrens with psycological problems in varius development stages and how to deal with them.
  • Conducted 3 fire fightening training camps for 214AW teachers, helpers and supervisors.
  • Distributed 100 Moringa plants in 11 AW as its leaves are helpful for improving malnutritionin children.
  • Nutrition week is celebrated for community in which competition of low cost nutririous recipes was conducted. Lecture by nutritionist was also planned.
  • Activities such as sports and culturel events for children of ZP school were conducted.
  • Free abacus and vedic maths classes are being arranged for villege childres in their school.
  • Science exibition is organized in ZP Schools so that they came across innovative science concepts.
  • Kitchen gardens are developed in AW and kit of 12 variety vegetable seeds are distributed to villagers
  • Started solar vegetables dryer project which will be helpful to farmers for drying excess of vegetables in their farm.

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